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9th September 2013

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1st March 2013


Peeing in the Shower

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I know virtually nothing about cleanliness. I have a fork sitting on my desk from two days ago that I’m too lazy to wash or bring to the sink.

Let’s start this one out with a simple statement: Humans are disgusting. That being said, there are certain degrees to our disgustingness. And I have a feeling that different circumstances call for different amounts of cleanliness. And also, people have different opinions about what is “clean” and what is “dirty.” Additionally, I don’t really know where this paragraph is headed, so let’s start again.

Humans are gross. Regardless of how many times you shower today, dude, you’re probably mostly just moving various germs and dirt particles around to different areas of your body with your sketchy loofah that your roommate probably secretly uses sometimes because he’s too cheap to buy his own. (Note: If my roommate is reading this, I DO NOT use your loofah. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t want to rub your skin particles all over me if I can avoid it.)

You can wash your hands as many times as you like but there’s no escaping germs. Think about this: How often do you rub your hands on your pants? If you’re cursed with extremely sweaty hands like I am, you probably do it all the time. And how many germy surfaces do you touch before you rub your hands on your pants? If you’re like me and you love touching germy surfaces, then the number is probably pretty high. So, think about how many germs your pants have accumulated. I only bring this up because when people tell you to open doors with your sleeves and to not touch homeless people, they totally overlook the fact that your pants are probably just as disgusting, if not more disgusting, than both of those things.

I really hope that last paragraph benefitted your life in some way. It’s just an epiphany I had and I thought I should share it. But please, don’t take it as a go-ahead from me for you to go pantless in public.

The fact is, most people don’t even know how to properly wash their hands. I’ll admit that I probably do a terrible job of it, even though I’ve watched countless scenes of Grey’s Anatomy where the characters have super intense conversations about life while “scrubbing” their hands before surgery.

"But the title of this post is peeing in the shower and you have not addressed shower urination at all, Alene!" Hold your horses, loves, I’m getting there. I’m about to make a somewhat taboo statement.

To see said statement, you’re gonna want to click here.

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1st March 2013

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Things are forever.

Things are forever.

15th February 2013

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It’s The Day After Valentine’s Day. We’re Allowed To Hate On Love Again, Right?

I am a self-proclaimed cynic, if I am nothing else. And one of my most favourite things to be cynical about is love. Specifically romantic love. Love shared by family and friends, that stuff is beautiful. But romantic love? That’s painful and temporary and really hasn’t done me a lot of good personally. Mind you, there’s still plenty of time for someone to come along and change my mind about this, but I have my doubts. Plus, I kind of just want to grow up and be Emily Dickinson.

(I did, at one point, want to grow up to be Liz Lemon but then she went and got married (to a human, not a meatball sub) and ruined that fantasy.)

There is actually only one couple in my group of acquaintances right now that I actively hope will stay together forever. Everyone else, I really couldn’t care less. Perhaps this makes me a terrible person/friend. More than likely it just means that I’m lonely and hate other people’s happiness. (I’ve never claimed to be a thoroughly good person.) My sincerest apologies if I hurt anyone’s feelings by saying this, but it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. The biggest surprise should be that there are actually two people that make me happy when I see them together. This disturbs me greatly.

With that confession out of the way, I’m going to make a sweeping declaration: The Internet has murdered love. Curb stomped it right to the point of cliched oblivion. 

Not saying love can’t happen. I’ve seen it before. Hell, I’ve felt it before (I think. Mostly my regret and frustration has blinded my memory of most of the good feelings. I think I might be a bit bitter.) but the only place that got me was weeks of hysterics and trying to guess that good-for-nothing bastard’s Facebook password so I could sabotage him. (I was 16, leave me alone. Did I mention the bitterness?) 

So what has the Internet done to love? It’s given people this strange notion that they need to broadcast their love to everyone. It’s like people need to prove that their love is the best love. Which all blows up in their face when their relationship status goes from “in a relationship” to “single.” 

The fact is, and I cannot stress this enough, NO ONE cares. Okay, maybe there are a few genuinely good people out there who want other people to be happy. But very few. You see, anyone who is in a relationship and happy will laugh at your “best relationship ever” status because clearly they have the best relationship ever so you’re completely deluded, obviously. And anyone who is in a relationship and unhappy will envy you your apparent happiness but proceed to write about how great their relationship is because no one wants to admit their love is failing. And of course, single people hate on anyone in a relationship, regardless of how many “I love being single” captions they put on their selfies.

With that out of the way, I’ve made a list. (Yay! Lists!) This is a list of the most annoying things people in “love” do on the internet, in no particular order:

You’re gonna have to click here to check out the list. It’s funny, I swear! 

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29th January 2013

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Last night Girls took awkward to a whole new level.

Damn It, Dunham!

I don’t know how many people caught the recent episode of HBO’s Girls, or how many of you have given in to the madness surrounding the show (for the record, I started watching Girls BEFORE all the award business, so I was here first and the rest of you can stop crowding me on this wagon, okay?) For those of you who didn’t watch, there are spoilers coming up so don’t read any further!! (But feel free to share this post and like it and follow my blog and tell everyone about how I’m the best.)

In case any of you aren’t watching Girls but for some reason have decided to continue reading, here’s what happened last night:

Hannah (Dunham) got a new job writing for an internet site and decided to try cocaine with her gay ex-boyfriend/roommate Elijah so she would have something exciting to write about. Then they go to a club and la dee dah, Hannah ends up wearing nothing (NOTHING) but a mesh tank top and a really, truly terrible skirt. Yeah… Then she galavants all over the city with everything ALL out and about, if you know what I’m saying and ends up making out with her creepy former-junkie downstairs neighbour. (The fact that Lena Dunham could make Hannah more awkward and naked than she already was blows my mind.) Other stuff happened too but it was mostly just your basic Marnie looking unimpressed about stuff, Shoshanna talking about losing her virginity and Jessa being hipster as f**k. 


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28th January 2013

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Kissing is Weird

I assume you read the title of this post, so, I don’t think I really need much more of an intro than that. Kissing is WEIRD. It is. Press your face up against someone else’s for a little bit. Touch your mouths together. Your mouths, where bacteria and all kinds of yucky stuff lives. And then tongues get involved and SERIOUSLY?! That’s disgusting.

Why is it that sharing a tooth brush is considered absolutely horrid, but we can rub our saliva all over each other’s mouths and that’s super romantic or hot or attractive or whatever it is?

And you wouldn’t walk up to someone you don’t know at a bar and take a sip from their drink (I say this, but a guy definitely walked up to me at a bar once and drank half my beverage but I think he may be an exception to the rule because I was in Montreal and everything is backwards there.) I do, however, know plenty of people who would walk up to a person and start kissing them.

Now, I’m not really a big germaphobe. I don’t believe in the ten-second rule, I believe in the however-long-it-takes-me-to-see-it-and-pick-it up-off-the-ground rule (with exceptions to certain questionable locations such as bathrooms and airplane tray tables.) But retrieving your food off the ground is a matter of survival and environmental friendliness! Touching your tongue against another person’s is not.

Read more HERE!! 

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21st January 2013


Professional Sports Are A Waste Of Time

Professional Athletes

So the NHL lockout is over. I guess I’m happy? I don’t really care. I mean I enjoy watching hockey but I don’t think I actually missed it. When you think about it, professional sports are possibly the biggest joke in western society.

Here’s a reminder to pro athletes: Your job is to PLAY A GAME. Settle down. Some people sit in their basements and dominate at World of Warcraft every day. These people are called “losers” even though who says that WoW is any less legit than hockey or baseball? Someone could pay them to do it and broadcast their quests on live TV. That would be the EXACT same thing. There’s still a certain amount of skill involved and you’re still getting paid to contribute absolutely nothing to society.

Here’s my other big issue with professional athletics. 


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29th December 2012

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Newborn Babies Are UGLY

I’m sure about half of the people who clicked this link did so because they recently had a child or a family member recently had a child or they recently found a child on the side of the road or something and they’re thinking, “You, Alene, are a numbskull. Babies are cute. Look how cute my baby is.” I should probably start out by saying I’m sorry, people who recently kidnapped a baby, but you are blinded by love and therefore have no say in the matter at this time.

Babies - not talking two year-olds but actual, fresh-out-the-womb babies - are ugly.

Let’s look at exhibit A:

To see Exhibit A, Exhibit B and learn a little bit about opossum gestation click here.

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20th December 2012

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Stuff You’re Going to Need After the Apocalypse

People are always so concerned about surviving the apocalypse. But anyone who knows anything about the end of the world knows that survival mostly involves luck and being in the right place at the right time. People always forget that once they survive the horrors of whatever apocalypse claims Earth first, they’re going to be stuck in a chaotic, unorganized and unpredictable society. So, here’s a list of stuff you should be hoarding (in a safe place where it won’t be destroyed!) in order to survive AFTER the apocalypse. Some of it is obvious, but it’s often the obvious things that you overlook.

Shot Gun - I’m not a believer in owning guns, but you know you’re gonna need it if zombies turn up. And please store ammo too, or else you’re going to look pretty dumb.

Sword - If you’ve been watching the new television program Revolution, then you’re aware that everyone is having sweet sword fights after the power goes out forever. Swords don’t need ammo. I think it should be noted that it will be useful for you to actually learn how to handle a sword before the end.

Read more here… 

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1st December 2012

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My future. 

My future.